Nicholas Perricone - Bad Decision to Discontinue Product

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Whatever possessed you marketing geniuses at skincare company Perricone MD to discontinue their acne line?I've used their Clear Skin Acne Toner for years.

It was the only product that ever worked for me. I credit my clear skin today to that product. I've tried other Perricone products and they didn't work nearly as well for my skin. I've had acne all my life and into my 50s until I found that product.

About a year ago I ordered what I was told were the last few bottles of the Clear Skin Acne Toner; and complained then about the boneheaded decision the company, and Dr. Perricone sadly, made to discontinue it. Only to discover today in a conversation with one of their customer service representatives that the inventory for that product is gone because "the marketing department decided to stop producing it" altogether. The company has products for all sorts of nonsensical cosmetic applications, like lip plumping.

Why would they discontinue a product that actually helps people with a real dermatological problem?

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